Skull and Demon Tattoo Flash

Why do you need this skull and demon tattoo flash? Well read on…..

A line drawing is the foundation of skull tattoo art. Usually when you bring in some art work to a tattoo shop they will just take what you have and tape it to a light board and the trace over it to make the line drawing. This can be easily screwed up especially if they are trying to work with an image that is dark where a lot of the details are lost. If this part gets screwed up then by the time they get to the finish you are going to wonder why the art on your skin doesn’t look like the picture you brought in. Avoid it by bringing them the original line work for the art. Then all you have to worry about is whether to choose value only or color.Tattoo flash black art

Ssome people don’t like color in their skull tattoos, in fact some like only the black ink. This is why there is a value study of each piece. Some tattoo artists are really good at putting in their own style when it comes to finish work, but others try and fail miserably. You can avoid a disaster if you have a value study right in front of their eyes that they can use for reference.

Not forgetting about those of you who love color in their skull tattoos, so there are color versions included. If you want to make it color you will have a good print to give the artist so he/she can match the color as close as possible. Of course nothing says you have to match colors, but if you want to you would have them right there.

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Crescent Skull


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